Thursday, November 13, 2014

Controversy as work begins on harbour village facelift

Yesterday morning in Vueltas
(Images courtesy of VINO TINTO'
Yesterday morning work began on the long overdue revamp and pedestrianisation of the quirky harbour town of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera.
However, as soon as work had begun near the banana packing plant some local people were protesting to the foreman about the positioning of some construction materials and the white container (see image). They were demanding the removal of same to a location in the outer harbour. It appears that this will be done and that work will continue, but further shouting and protesting can be expected as there is a small but very vociferous group of people in Valle Gran Rey who will fight even the most insignificant issues. The mottos seem to be 'Not within a mile of my front door!' or 'No change at all!'. Due to this pressure sometimes plans have to be amended so many times that the money allocated to certain projects runs out before work can be completed. Let's hope that this time they'll succeed in completing the long-overdue tidy-up of what is one of the most vibrant villages on La Gomera - without too much controversy. 
UPDATE 11 am:
The small group of short-sighted protesters have again attacked the workers on site this morning and these appear to have downed tools. The local government have called for an urgent meeting of all authorities and the contractors involved. Now the main issue of contention appears to be the timing of the commencement of the works as it coincides with the beginning of peak tourist season. Poorly scribbled graffiti has appeared on the wall of the banana packing plant and on the container site office which roughly translates as ''No to the works at this time. The district of Vueltas''. In my opinion there's never a good time for building noise and disruption, but when things need to get done, the sooner one starts the sooner it will be finished - promising a better future. There isn't a tourist destination in the world that doesn't have building and repair work disruption even during peak season. 
The newly smeared childish graffiti doesn't make the area any more attractive and its quality is indicative...

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