Monday, November 03, 2014

One photo for the Canary Islands

I've received the email below a couple of days ago and I'm posting it here. You can download and print the small poster, write your comment on it if you like, then display it in your town or city no matter where you live, take a picture of it with a landmark in the background and then send the photo to to support the protest:

Dear friends,
Click to get poster
Last saturday 18th October more than 100.000 people in 8 Canary Islands and 50 cities worldwide came together to say No to oil drillling in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.
With the drilling activities round the corner we need to keep up the social pressure to stop Repsol, that´s why we are asking everybody to show solidarity with the Canary Islands by taking a picture with this poster in a recognizable place of a city.
We´d be very thankful if you could join the action ONE PHOTO for CANARIAS and send us a picture of your support to Canarias, including name of your city and a personal message for the Canary Islands to
Thanks again for your support!
With determination and clean energy!
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