Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Plenty of water

La Gomera has an abundant supply of water and this winter nearly all the reservoirs are full and overflowing. The reservoirs are only used for irrigation of the crops in summer, while nearly all the drinking water and the domestic supply comes from wells and springs that produce water of excellent quality. The forest that covers the top of the island produces additional water when the mist and fog that are carried across the mountains by the trade winds condensate on the trees and percolate through the ground to feed the springs. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Willie,
Thanks for keeping us up to date with all that's happening in La Gomera. Hope the rain eases off before we arrive on holiday in 16 days time!
Bruce and Pauline

Maria in Sweden said...

Thank you for your informative and beautiful texts and photos. It is a pleasure to read this blog.