Friday, March 07, 2014

Bad News for Palm Honey

As I reported a while ago there was an attempt to get the EU to make an exception and recognise the term 'palm honey' as a unique product, even though it is not produced by bees. Now it has emerged that the term 'honey' is reserved exclusively for that produced by bees and cannot be applied to the delicious syrup made from the sap of the palm tree. La Gomera is the main supplier of this popular and healthy liquid and ironically many producers have invested a lot in recent years to keep up with EU regulations. Now politicians are blaming each other for the failure to achieve recognition and acceptance of the traditional term. I suppose a lot of printed labels will have to be dumped and the search for a new term will not be easy. Any suggestions ?
The Canary Palm (Phoenix Canariensis) which supplies the sap from which 'palm honey' is made

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Maria said...

1. Palm syrup
2. Palm sap