Monday, March 03, 2014

Canary Islands Customs Procedures Simplified

NEWS IN THE SUN reports:

''From April this year private individuals and small businesses in the Canary Islands can process simplified customs clearance online for free if items are received through the Post.
This measure will streamline and enormously reduce the cost of electronic commerce in the islands.
The State Tax Agency & the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Canary Islands have reached a collaborative agreement that includes this and two other measures, also aimed at simplifying  and reducing the cost of e-commerce between the Canary Islands, the Spanish mainland and the rest of the EU .
The other two measures, that will take effect from July, mean DUA (Single Administrative Document) Import/Export declarations are no longer required for shipments under 10,000 euros and also offer the possibility that the import DUA can be presented directly by the seller, so  the buyer will know a firm end price at the point of purchase.
There have been many complaints arising from the management and reporting of the current DUA scheme, both because of it’s complexity but mainly because of the added costs and the uncertainty of the final price of the goods purchased from outside the islands .
Historically these difficulties have particularly affected e-commerce sales, as the extra cost of processing the DUA may be totally exaggerated relative to the actual value of the goods, explained the special delegate of the Tax Agency in the Canary Islands, Carmen Guillén, and the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Canarian Government , Javier González Ortiz.
The most immediate step, effective from April , is that the DUA can be processed directly by individuals in simplified form using the on-line electronic office of the Spanish Inland Revenue although you will need to identify yourself via a digital certificate .
Once the tax has been paid, which can also be done on line, the buyer can go to the post office to pick up their order.''

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