Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New attraction fenced off

The new viewpoint 'Mirador de Abrante' in Agulo, which was officially handed over less than three months ago (see previous posts:Spectacular New Attraction: and:'Mirador De Abrante' Sky Walk Officially Handed Ov...) has just recently been fenced off with an ugly-looking tall fence which was secured to the existing fencing, plus a padlocked gate with a sign saying 'Entry to this site prohibited'. It could hardly be for safety reasons because the sheer cliffs to either side of the 'skywalk' and landscaped viewpoint are still accessible and a hiking trail leads along the cliffs. While I was there a couple of days ago I saw visitors just bypassing the fence and entering the area from the West of the gate, which is a bit dangerous to do, but open. The administration of Agulo is planning minor works at the viewpoint (such as installing a pay-telescope, a sun dial, seating, etc.) but this hardly justifies the erection of security fencing fit for a prison. Wouldn't it be more important to finish the access road ?
UPDATE Aug. 9th: Area around Agulo 'sky walk' now reopened
Mirador de Abrante sky walk now looks like a prison


Ut på tur said...

We are going there the 2nd april, do you know if it's opened by then ?

Willie said...

That seems highly unlikely. The fence has just been put up recently. You can however visit the area and enjoy the surrounding area. I recommend asking for advice in the 'Centro de Visitantes' which you will pass before going down there. They are very helpful and do speak English.

Ut på tur said...

Hello is it possible to contact you by mail, i was hoping that you could help me with some questions.
If this is ok, send my a mail on :

Willie said...

Just ask your questions under the relevant post using 'comments' and I'll do my best to inform you.

Ut på tur said...

First of all, thank you for your very informative blogg :)

I wonder if you could help me with some questions ?

I am planing to a hike from San Sebastian to Valle Gran Rey.

This is the places we would like to reach / sleep.

We(me and my wife) are bringing sleepingbags and a tarp, so we have the possibility to sleep outside.

Day 1 - San Sebastian (sunday)
Day 2- Somewhere between San sebastian and Hermigua (monday)
Day 3 - Hermigua (Tuesday)
Day 4 - Agulo (Wednesday)
Day 5 - Vallehermoso(Thursday)
Day 6 - Alojera(friday)
Day 7 - Arure (maybe Valle Gran Rey) (saturday)

I have drawn the route on a gps map, and i am using my gps when we are walking(do you know how to use gps files, if so i can send you mine).

The map that i have downloaded from internet has many trails in it, but i am not sure/i don't quite trust this map..

There's especially one place that i am not sure if the trails exists(If i had your mai ladress i could send you the image).

Is it possible to buy food and water all these places(Hermigua,Agulo,Vallehermoso,Alojera,Arure) ?

Do you know the openinghours to the supermercados these places(i guess Alojera and Arure has the shortest openinghours) ?

Do you think it's possible to find a room just by dropping in these places ?

Is it illegal to sleep outside if we are places far from people ? If so, do we get in big trouble if we do this (we are very keen on sleeping outside some nights, it would be so nice) ?

We arrive San Sebastian 31st march and starts our hike the day after (1st april)

We must buy some food and water this day(1st april), you know this day is 2nd easter day, do you think some supermercados is open this day ? Openinghours San Sebastian this easteday ?

Is there some places in this route that we should stop and see ?

I think it's so nice to see the ermitas/churches, so it would be nice to see as many as possible of them.

We chose to walk the north side because we heard that the nature is much more nicer there ?

I also read that it colder and more rain on the north side (i hope that it's not very much worse weather there than the south side, we are so sick and tired of this cold weather and all the rain we got here in Norway) ?

We have heard much about the rainforrest, but since all that we got here in Norway is RAINforrest, we have decided not to do hiking there.

When we arrive Valle Gran Rey, we are going to do some relaxing and some hiking (La merica ,Fortaleza and barranco Arure :) We are staying there til 13th april.

Is there some places we shouldn't go because of the fire damages ?

Is all the bus timetables on your side up to date ? ,We have an emergency plan if the weather gets bad or our knees gets bad to take the bus to Valle Gran Rey ?

I really hope that you can help me :)

P.s - Sorry that my english ain't that good :(
Kenneth Fjelde

Willie said...

Hi K.F.,
your questions are too detailed and too manifold to do them justice on this blog. I do not offer the professional service you may need. Please avail of one or more of the professional services available on La Gomera through their own websites - easily found with Google or the search engine of your choice.
Enjoy your holidays!