Monday, August 20, 2012

Update: Nothing much has changed

I promise a more extensive report tomorrow or whenever after. The people 
here still are shell-shocked, but life and laughter continue. I'm helping as a
volunteer as much as I can, but I have little time at the 'ol' computer'.
...and we've entered another heat wave. Hurricane 'Gordon' won't bring 
any rain here, unfortunately. More heat and stronger winds instead.

More good news:

I'm just back from a tour to evaluate the state of affairs and let me

tell you that in many parts of La Gomera NOTHING has changed, in 90% of La Gomera nothing has changed - A MIRACLE !

BUT... there is a lot of work to be done.

We'll come out of this a stronger, a more coherent and intact community with 
a new-found solidarity.

Efforts to entrench the still smouldering fires on, and under-ground continue
and are 'progressing favourably'. 

More about all this ASAP. I'm exhausted, particularly after (yet another) conversation
with locals, some of whom defied evacuation orders and hid to defend their property
with simple means.

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