Sunday, August 12, 2012

La Gomera fires update

The situation seems to be worsening again, there is a constant stream of the now 3 (with a 4th one expected later)
hydro-planes coming in over my house, to come down in the harbour to take water and then directly back up again to an area near the upper part of Valle Gran Rey, known as 'barranco de agua'. This area is also showing a lot more smoke in the past half hour and it
appears (and is NOT confirmed) that there is smoke coming from an area within the barranco further down. Helicopters are also working in this area - so that the situation there must be critical, and is not far from farms and houses. There is also now more smoke (again) to be seen on the mountain over upper V.G.R., and a reactivated fire  west of El Cercado has been reported by 'TV Canaria'.
All other fires are reported as still very active, and many areas that already have burnt down are smouldering strongly in in the hot winds.
More and larger ash particles have been coming down here.
All the road closures are still being strictly enforced.

Here's a link to a webcam operated by a local tour operator which clearly shows the smoke to the upper left of the palm tree in front (and you can also see that life continues calmly and safely in lower VGR), but don't confuse the stains on the lens with smoke:

Another webcam, which is trained on one of the beaches, shows that life goes on, only
interrupted slightly by the planes occasionnally flying over :

...and here's a link to an interesting video showing the hydro-planes coming in and taking water:

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