Friday, August 17, 2012

La Gomera fire is now almost completely out

+++All hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, etc. are undamaged and open !

It will however take a lot more time until the last glowing embers and glowing roots underground have been fully extinguished.
Most people are back in their homes but 85 houses were burnt in Valle Gran Rey alone and a few more in mountain villages. 
There is a great sense of solidarity here and people are helping each other and are volunteering to clean up after the fire storm.
Slowly (and for some painfully) life is returning to normal and last night there was live music in bars and restaurants and people were relaxing again after what has been a tense
and stressful period of nearly two weeks.

There is NO  danger to tourists or visitors !

+++ new and interesting article (in English !) by 'gomeranoticias' here:

Many scenic spots and areas were left totally intact, some examples below:

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