Friday, August 10, 2012

So far - sooo bad. Sorry for the late update. I went to pour as much water as possible over house and garden, as the situation above (i.e. the mountain villages) is far from 'under control'. But the smoke is less - but to see the helicopters retreat with the advancing darkness is painful knowing that the hot night is approaching.
However, lots of villages 'up there' had to be evacuated and even the historic former capital of the island, the town of 'Chipude', had to be evacuated 'as a precautionary measure'. 
Well, the smoke was clearly seen in the SW town of Valle Gran Rey, the 'touristic and cosmopolitan capital' of La Gomera and could  be smelt as well...
I'm exhausted and promise to tell you more tomorrow...
Will work on the the design, etc., of the blog, ASAP....

Latest News:

The fire (or more correctly: one of them) has reached 'El Contadero', a popular starting point for walks - and right in the vulnerable centre of the forest.
The 5 helicopters can't act , as it is dark now.
A special ferry sailing with more firefighters, including units of UME (the Spanish military emergency unit) should be shortly on scene.

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