Thursday, March 01, 2018

Weather slowly improving but ferries delayed

Be cautious: sea conditions still very rough with a powerful swell this morning

The weather in the Canary Islands is very gradually improving after last night's extreme conditions with storm force wind gusts widely felt in La Gomera and extremely rough seas which led to the suspension of all flights and ferry connections. The highest wind gust recorded on the island was a fierce 166 km/h last night with sustained winds of 113 km/h for a time.
There was a backlog of passengers in the ferry ports waiting for the ferries which are struggling to reestablish connections and having to face extremely difficult berthing conditions, as the sea is still very rough and a warning of a powerful 5 m swell is valid until 9 pm tonight, but the winds have decreased noticeably.
Anywhere near the sea there is a haze of spray in the air and the high waves did some damage to coastal infrastructure. There's a lot of debris on coast roads, which was being cleared yesterday, but more was flung ashore during the night. Weather forecast on top right sidebar.
TV crew reporting damage live from the La Playa area of Valle Gran Rey in front of closed coast road yesterday.

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