Thursday, March 01, 2018

Emma left us lunchtime, but not on this ferry

Armas'  Alboran arriving approaching Valle Gran Rey's harbour today lunchtime
The 'Alboran' (Armas) ferry attempted to arrive in VGR today lunchtime and successfully docked in the harbour of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey briefly, but then had return to San Sebastian de La Gomea soon after without discharging. Mooring ropes broke and the ramp couldn't be lowered safely even in the harbour due to the SW swell and rough sea conditions caused by storm Emma.This again highlights the urgent need to construct 'phase 2' of the harbour development in La Gomera's south-western port. Other ferries were delayed or couldn't even sail.
Storm Emma left it's mark here and there was widespread damage along the coastal fringes of La Gomera island due to the high waves. Thankfully nothing serious and I've seen much worse here, anyway. In the images below council crews are trying to temporarily fill a major hole washed out by heavy seas at the roundabout of Vueltas. Canary Islands' national TV was there again to report live for their lunchtime news program.
The weather has calmed noticeably since, and while there still is a heavy swell, ferry connections are getting back on schedule.
Armas ferry Alboran beginning to go astern into VGR harbour (above and below)
Emergency repairs. Some council workers got a soaking with larger waves while working .

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