Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hope on the horizon for some rain

The 'Rainbow' enhancement of today's 12 noon satellite image
While the remainder of today should be mostly sunny with few cloudy intervals, there is some hope for badly-needed rain for tomorrow, particularly during the first half of the day. A minor Atlantic depression of 1004 hPa is approaching and will soon be to the north of the Canary Islands near Madeira while filling before finally dissipating. 
There is already a lot of convective precipitation and thunderstorm activity around the low centre, but once again most of that rain is likely to pass to the north of the Canaries. There is however a good chance that La Gomera and the western Canary Islands will get some good showers and/or spells of rain, potentially even heavy ones, from late tonight until Wednesday evening.
We've also got an upper level low sitting over the same area which should aid the convective precipitation and a forming trough.  Warnings of some heavy downpours in parts of La Palma and Tenerife have been issued.
There's also the risk of some scattered thunderstorms, but the good news is that this time the winds will only be light to moderate from a mostly southerly direction. 
The weather should dry up late on Wednesday with a return to mostly sunny conditions and moderate north-easterly winds forecast for the remainder of the week.
This winter season has been much too dry in La Gomera and let's hope that this small depression will deliver some precious water before the dry weather returns.
To be on the safe side, mountain areas and ravines should be avoided tomorrow, though.

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I just wanted to say 'thanks' for doing this blog. It's been difficult to get any in-depth information about La Gomera and your blog has been invaluable. Please keep it up! - Virginia Myrum