Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bad weather imminent

A deceptively beautiful but disturbed looking sky at 4pm on Saturday 11-02-2017
This is just a quick update on the weather situation for La Gomera (see previous post):

Today, Saturday 11-02-2017 turned out better than expected but the forecast for tomorrow, Sunday 12-02-17, has worsened considerably and severe weather is imminent, bringing gale force winds, locally heavy downpours, isolated thunderstorms and rough seas. Appropriate weather warnings come into effect from midnight tonight and altogether 7 (seven !) weather alerts at levels from levels 'yellow' to 'orange' have been issued by the Spanish met. office for La Gomera. I won't bore you with all the details, mostly concerning time, and will just give you the synopsis:
From very early morning until late afternoon severe winds and heavy downpours can be expected, as well very rough seas. Synopsis of alerts for La Gomera :
  • Westerly winds may well gust to 90 km/h in exposed areas 
  • Combined swell and wind-blown waves may reach 15-18 ft on exposed coasts
  • Heavy rain is expected with intensities of up to 20 mm/h with localised flooding
  • The combination of rain and wind may cause landslides and rockfalls
Official warnings by Spanish met. office

The government of the Canary Islands has issued separate alerts and ...
  • all public recreational areas, parks, campsites, etc., have been closed.
  • it is advised to secure outdoor furniture, flower pots, etc, etc,...
  • all outdoor events, sporting fixtures, outdoor markets, etc., have been cancelled.
  • unnecessary travel and outdoor activity should be avoided
  • extreme caution is advised generally
With a bit of luck it might not turn out to be as bad after all, but you have been warned...
Anyway, the weather should greatly improve from Sunday afternoon.
The current situation showing that the secondary low will reach 992hPa very rapidly while the main low maintains 994hPa

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