Monday, December 02, 2013

Warnings and alerts for extremely heavy rain and thunderstorms

Midday Dec. 2nd 2013: Up to 40mm per hour likely today and 100mm in 12 hours may be exceeded. Nucleus of heavy thunderstorms approaching. EXTREME CAUTION !
Several minor roads and La Gomera's airport have been closed.
Thunderstorms moving W to E at midday 02-12-13
This is what the promenade in Playa de Santiago looked like about an hour ago:
UPDATE 5:30pm :
The situation has improved and there is some sunshine now in Valle Gran Rey. 
Alerts and warnings for La Gomera will remain active until tomorrow morning 9am.
Giumar on Tenerife was one of the worst-affected areas with more than 180mm of rain this afternoon. Here's a frightening video from the area:

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