Friday, December 27, 2013

Stranded tanker worries Lanzarote

A tanker stranded on the Moroccan coast near Tan Tan only about 260 kilometres east of the island of Lanzarote is loaded with 5000 tons of fuel, some of which appears to be leaking into the sea. The government of Lanzarote has called on the Moroccan consulate to take urgent measures to remove the fuel and to give an estimate as to how much fuel has leaked out already. Due to worsening weather conditions nothing seems to have been done yet. The stricken ship is named Silver and registered in Laayoune.
Update Dec. 28th:
The Moroccan authorities have stated that they have the situation under control and that experts and equipment have been transferred to the tanker to prepare the pumping of the fuel to waiting tanker trucks ashore.
Update Jan. 3rd, 2014:
About one third of the fuel has been safely pumped ashore from the stranded vessel and the Moroccan authorities are confident that the operation to make the ship safe can be completed successfully.

The stranded vessel (Source: gomeraverde)

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