Friday, May 03, 2013

Man charged with poisoning of palm trees

A 48 years old man will be formally charged with the poisoning and killing of 21 Canarian palms (Phoenix Canariensis) by the investigating environmental protection unit of the guardia civil police. 
After last year's disastrous fire a number of palm trees were found to have been poisoned with weedkiller (see: Poisoned Palms ) in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera in the autumn. The accused will have to face charges of drilling large holes into the trunks of 21 palms which were affected by the fires but recovering and then filling the cavities with herbicides. His motives are said to be the use of the land where the protected palm trees were in his way and he probably had hoped that the superficial charring during the fire then would have been blamed for the palms' demise.
An in-depth survey of all the palms in Valle Gran Rey has shown that a total of 121 Phoenix Canariensis showed signs of poisoning.

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