Wednesday, May 01, 2013

First of May - unemployment today

The unemployment rate in the Canary Islands has risen to a frightening 34,27 % of the workforce, according to the most recent figures released by the Spanish central statistics office. This leaves the Canaries the third worst affected region in Spain due to the economic crisis. The unemployment figures are even worse in Extremadura and Andalucia. The latter region tops the statistics with 36,87 %, while the national average for unemployment in Spain stands at 27,16. The figures for the younger segment of the workforce are even much worse. Considering that huge numbers of the unemployed receive very little (if any) aid, it is a wonder that they keep calm and that the state still functions. Especially here on La Gomera the crime rate remains extremely low.
You could help by making sure to spend your holidays (and some money) here in the Canaries !


Michael Casey said...

Hello Willie,
Just spent a week on la Gomera and really enjoyed myself.
Stayed in Hermigua but visited all of the island.
Pity about the weather since sunday but still it was ok.

Michael a fellow Irishman.

Willie said...

Hi Michael,
it was mostly sunny here on the south side of the island - so you'll have to come and meet me here on the sunny side some day.