Monday, May 13, 2013

La Gomera sunset above the clouds

The photographs below were taken at the 'Mirador de Vallehermoso' a few miles north of the centre of La Gomera yesterday. The elevation is about 2500 feet.
La Gomera boasts lots of these viewing points and platforms that are called 'mirador' and most offer explanatory signage in English, ample parking, recycling bins, and some even are wheelchair accessible. All are well worth a visit, but can sometimes be shrouded in mist.

      Sunset seen from  La Gomera with the two crests of La Palma island showing in the distance (on right)             
Taken from the same viewpoint a couple of hours before as the mist was cascading into the valley. Vallehermoso  town and its water reservoir can be seen and the twin crests of La Palma island appear to be floating on the mist.

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