Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fred Olsen now offering service to Spanish mainland

The Fred. Olsen ferry company is now connecting the Canary Islands with Huelva on the Spanish mainland in competition with FRS-Iberica which sail the same route, previously operated by Naviera Armas ferries and still listed in their schedule. Queenie's Tenerife blog has more:
''Fred Olsen Express has launched a new triangular route to mainland Spain, with the collaboration of the Baleària shipping company and now links the port of Huelva with the two main ports of the Canary Islands, Puerto de la Luz on Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
This new route will be operated aboard the ship ‘Martín i Soler’, owned by Baleària. The ship is to depart the Puerto de la Luz, in Las Palmas, every Tuesday and Sunday, at 12 noon and will take 44 hours to reach its final destination the Andalusian port of Huelva, after a 4-hour stopover in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
The ship will set sail from the Peninsula on Fridays at 8:00p.m. and head to Gran Canaria where it will have a four-hour stopover then return to its moorings in Tenerife.
The route will offer various services including a restaurant, bar, shop, internet connection, outdoor areas, a children’s area and a pool as well as cabins and various seating options either tourist or superior.''


Unknown said...

Naviera Armas doesn't operate the route Huelva to Canarias any more, that is now FRS-Iberica.

La Gomera said...

I know, but Armas still list the service on their bookings page, which then redirects to FRS- Iberica. The ferry serving this route is still the former Armas vessel. The two companies co-operate, because on 23 May 2018 it was announced that FRS Iberia will acquire the routes Melilla-Motril and Huelva-Las Palmas-S. C. Tenerife from Naviera Armas due to monopoly concerns on the acquisition of Trasmediterranea by Armas. All the necessary equipment and infrastructure was included in the deal.
Thanks for pointing this out, and I have amended my post accordingly.