Saturday, December 30, 2017

The pits

Woman, 39, dies after dog attack in La Palma 
TenerifeNews reported recently:
''A 39-year-old woman has died after being attacked by one of her own mixed pit bulls on La Palma.
The animal had to be shot by the police before they could gain access to her home. The animal had inflicted “significant leg injuries” on its owner. It is believed she could have bled to death.
The woman, who was Spanish and had four children, lived in a rural property in the area of La Camacha. The emergency services were called to the scene following reports that a woman had been attacked by a pit bull and needed urgent health care. On their arrival, medics found she had already died because of the injuries received. A full investigation is already underway to determine what happened.
The woman apparently owned several dogs, one of which “turned on her”, according to sources.The pit bull is one of the breeds on the potentially dangerous list and there are strict regulations about their care, including the wearing of muzzles in public.
The attack happened within the confines of the woman’s own garden. Both the victim’s husband and four children, aged between four and 20, are receiving psychological help. Neighbours, who reported hearing cries for help, said the dog usually accompanied the woman everywhere, slept with them at night and was normally docile.
The local council issued a statement lamenting the death and offering condolences to her family. A number of events were cancelled as a sign of respect.''

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