Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Huge rocks smash funeral home

The largest of the lumps of rock that hit the funeral parlour (All images in this post ©
Dying is a life-threatening experience, as they say, but thankfully there were neither corpses nor mourners in the public funeral parlour (=tanatorio) of Guada in the upper part of Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, when a few huge lumps of rock broke loose in the mountainside above it and tumbled down into the back of the building just after 11am this morning, causing severe structural damage. The facility had been constructed only a few years ago - in the wrong spot, apparently.
There was some light to moderate rain during the night before and now you know why I often give you a warning that it can be just as dangerous near mountains AFTER some moderate rain as it is during a heavy downpour. 
Anyway, you can rest assured that dying here in La Gomera is not a problem. Uniquely on this island the local government guarantees a free funeral, including wreaths and a state of the art hearse, to anyone who happens to die here. 
May I recommend the Guada funeral home, once repaired, to members of the poor old Rock band called 'The Rolling Stones', should any of them ever decide to call it a day ? 
The Roman proverb: ''All things are cause for either laughter or weeping.'' is my excuse for the above comments, but these images (© Gomeratoday) are indeed humbling:
So much for the saying 'Back door visitors are best friends' - They missed the door coming in !
Track of the rockfall (red)

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