Thursday, October 05, 2017


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Fast car ferry to connect Valle Gran Rey with Tenerife


David Foster said...

This is end of valle gran rey....... quiet place.... no more fishing in harbour .....and it is why i love valle gran rey... but big competition between Olsen and Armar .... nobody will win because there is no so many people.. but change to world city... Mc Donalds is there... i am crying my paradise is ... next time i must find new island... maybe el hierro maybe madeira ..maybe azores ...... but they kill valle gran rey..good luck

Anonymous said...

My feelings are the same. Quiet little place that was too hard to get to for a larger amount of tourists. That is the charm of VGR. Same faces every year. It has been a cosy little hideout place for those who know it. And compared to Tenerife's tourist scene, It would be better if most of Tenerife's tourists would never even hear about VGR. Is there any places that would have the same kind of atmosphere as VGR? Quiet little hideout places that are off the beaten track. Places that have same kind of relaxed and calm feeling that would attract live musicians and other artistic persons. Same kind of general laid back feeling and quietness when needed.

La Gomera said...

Well, VGR used to get a lot more visitors in the 80's than recently. There's only a limited amount of accommodation and that is not going to change, due to strictly enforced regulations. The car ferry is more about taking traffic (and in particular hire cars, trucks and lorries) out of the precious national park which is becoming congested with it as almost everything you consume and use in VGR has to pass through it.
As for those who prefer locals riding donkeys and giveaway prices in a 'little hideout' which is inaccessible and without tourists, I'm afraid that dream is over: There's no such place anymore, because the likes of YOU 'discovered' them long ago... The world moves on and you're part of it. Get real or buy your own island and fence it!
Sorry, but I had to get this off my chest, as I'm sick and tired of the 'it-used-to-be-so-nice-I don't-want-any-change-brigade' who predict doom and gloom scenarios at even the slightest hint of a change, but then complain when their smartphones don't get a signal. VGR (and La Gomera in general) will not change much, no matter what happens, but locals need to eat and pay their rent, too.
And by the way, David Foster, there won't be a McDonalds, but now you're an April fool in October :-))

David Foster said...

OK from Casa Maria will not be Mc donalds how your sides tolds.Ok.Who lie? Your page? Look back. I dont need phone signal .. i want relax my holidays.But good luck for you and people like you next time you will crying for lost your is your choice...... for me are other place .....El hierro ..... Azores...... you lost your face only nothing more .. be happy ...people like me will find another paradise but you lost your

David Foster said...

Maybe I am fool ........but you must be very smart person ......I appologized for my stupidity and disable before so smart person like you