Thursday, February 18, 2016

Some rain at long last

The first shower after a prolonged dry spell in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera at 9 am this morning
The very long drought this winter is finally ending as a cold front from the Atlantic is beginning to affect the weather in the Canary Islands. As I write the first of the rain is coming down in Valle Gran Rey here on La Gomera island.
There is a warning of some heavy showers and even longer spells of rain, especially in the North but all areas are at risk. Accumulations may exceed 60mm in twelve hours and 15 mm in just one hour and weather alerts have been issued.
The cold front is bringing polar air which will make it feel noticeably cooler, especially in areas exposed to the strong to gale force northerly winds expected later and there is a gale warning. The mountains in the western Canaries even will get sleet or snow at above 1300 meters.
The weather situation will remain unstable at least until Saturday.
Anyway, mountain hikes are not recommended until the weather has improved, and don't be fooled by brief sunny periods. Don't undertake any unnecessary car journeys as there may be rock/landslides especially after the long dry period. Find yourself a cosy cafe or bar, or go swimming in the rain, the sea's still warm.

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