Tuesday, February 23, 2016

La Gomera's water reservoirs now 70% full

The recent rains have helped to raise water levels in La Gomera's reservoirs which now have reached 70% of combined total capacity. Some of the water reservoirs are even completely full and overflowing. All these water storage facilities are exclusivly used for irrigation in agriculture. La Gomera's drinking water comes entirely from tapped wells and natural underground deposits and is of excellent quality.


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is a beautiful lake. Does anyone know exactly which one and where it is? Colin.

Willie 'Curry' said...

Hi Colin,
my photo shows small water reservoir just behind the village of Macayo which is in La Gomera's northwest above the town of Vallehermoso.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Willie, We are going out again to LG in a couple of weeks and will try and find it. Regards, Colin