Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two very different ships

In the port of Valle Gran Rey yesterday
Two very different ships were in the harbour of Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera yesterday. First the tall ship Picton Castle arrived the night before and the the large yacht Harmony V berthed the following morning. The latter is 165ft long and offers 25 spacious cabins. This Greek-registered yacht is currently cruising the Canary Islands and has left Valle Gran Rey by now. The tall sailing ship Picton Castle is a 180ft former Welsh trawler (MFV) built in 1928, now converted to sail (STS), and registered in the Cook Islands. She is based in Nova Scotia and has just completed an Atlantic crossing from Canada. The sail-training three masted barque arrived here with forty adventure-seeking trainees of many nationalities besides her 12 professional crew. The Picton Castle is a true working tall ship and she will remain in Valle Gran Rey until Dec. 30th 2015.
...and luxury

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