Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Red light for the 'Island without traffic lights'

Just some of the new traffic lights
La Gomera island with a population of just 20.000 has always managed its road traffic without any traffic lights, but now several sets of traffic lights have been installed in the port of San Sebastian de La Gomera where recent road works have created a new traffic system for the busy harbour area. They have not yet been switched on and it is hoped they will only be used when there is a lot of cars coming off the ferries. The local population were always proud of the fact that La Gomera didn't need any traffic lights and many are calling the newly installed ones unnecessary, considering that the larger port of Los Cristianos on Tenerife doesn't have any.


Nigel Stuart North said...

We will see..if they ease and improve in a fair way the port traffic flow, they will be necessary. If they don't, they will be unnecessary and the money will have been wasted. I wonder if there will be a 'before' and 'after' traffic count and survey?

Nigel Stuart North said...

While Im commenting about the new traffic lights, it occurred to me how upset and disgusted many people living on this island are about roaming unsupervised dogs and fouling. And also dogs on and off their leads with their owners that allow them foul the pavements and the excrement is not picked up. I live in Playa Santiago where this situation is a serious matter. What can be done and how can we change this terrible situation? This is a call for help really.

Willie 'Curry' said...

Hi Nigel,
and thanks for your comments.
The problem with the cute little dogs, well it's the not so nice things they leave behind really, is universal in the 'developed' world now, and La Gomera is no exception.
It is a problem that simply shows that too many irresponsible people keep dogs nowadays, and I pity these dogs...
Some European cities have become literally fully littered now.