Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beautiful new road to nowhere and new town park

 The building project of channeling the last mile or so of the barranco, the mostly dry river bed, in Valle Gran Rey is now finally completed. The work began a few years ago amid massive protests and many changes were made to the original plans. A couple of years ago work stopped completely and the large building site was fenced off and left unfinished. Then eventually the diggers and trucks came back and now the dust has finally settled, leaving the lower barranco as a concrete and stone channel with associated site works such as car parking on a new road from the roundabout at the bridge in La Calera. A 'town park' has  been created and planted with trees and ornamental plants which will give shade in a few years. There is an area for dogs, two playgrounds for children of different age groups, a drinking water supply, exercise equipment for adults, benches, etc. Curiously the road itself leads nowhere and forces you to turn back at the bottom just within spitting distance of the beach. 
Eventually, once the badly eroded coastal road will have been fixed and upgraded it is hoped that the new road will be connected to that.
On the upstream side of the bridge the new channel has also been finished with new railings and a new footpath with some garden areas slightly below the main road through La Calera
A word of warning: Do not enter the barranco  channel itself as there is absolutely no way out anywhere further up.
Layout and map of the park
End of the new road just before the beach

Looking up from the bridge in La Calera

Part of town park


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your blog being updated again.
Of course it's good that VGR is being refurbishment but hopefully they are still able to keep the small village feel. I´d hate to see such a nice place to get too "clean" and lose it's personality.

Ut på tur said...

I agree with the other comment. I pray to God that VGR will not be more touristified than it is now