Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back on La Gomera with Irish rain

Image taken at 8:30am this morning
I am back on La Gomera once again and after a very rainy summer in Ireland this year I've brought a bit of rain with me to where it is badly needed.

I woke this morning to light rain and drizzle and it promises to be what we call 'a soft day' in Ireland. The next few days could bring a few more showers but overall rainfall amounts should be fairly small and it will remain warm. As I write the temperature is 22ºC and will certainly rise later when the promised sunny spells will develop. 

The present rain is due to the remnants of hurricane Joaquin which now form a post-tropical low of 992 hPa situated off the western coast of the Iberian peninsula, filling gradually.

By the way the sea temperature is around a balmy 25ºC, so if you get wet in the rain just go for a swim in the sea before you dry off.
Update: This photo was taken about an hour later than the one above and shows that the rain has stopped.


Anonymous said...


It is currently totally impossible to browse your blog with an iPad. It will immediately redirect multiple times to some nasty spam / "download this junk app" sites.

Some plugin you have embedded (currency, last visitor, earth/moon/sun phases etc) is likely doing this as an attempt to make money, as blogger itself most certainly doesn't behave like this. Also, I doubt that reputable sources like eltiempo or Wolfram Alpha would do this.

I'd honestly just remove all of them - I think the blog itself is the reason why people visit your site. Anyone can google for a currency converter and so on.

Funny thing is that after all those forced redirects, all I get is a white page. So the spam / junk feeding stuff doesn't even work, but it only makes reading your site impossible for iPad users...


Willie 'Curry' said...

Hi and thanks for your comment.
The strange thing is that you're the first and so far apparently the only person this has happened to. The plug-ins have been there for quite some time and appear to be working fine from both Apple and Windows devices.
I promise to test this further and if necessary remove any unreliable widgets once I find the time, as I certainly do not want to support any spam redirects.
Any other readers who've noticed this problem should please let me know.

Willie 'Curry' said...

Hi again Anonymous,
just had everything checked again and didn't come across any of the problems described by you. 15% of all recent visits to my blog were from iPads and as far as I know without problems.
Please would anybody out there with similar problems as encountered by Anonymous let me know and indicate exactly which widget(s) are not acting correctly.
P.S..: The main reason why I include these widgets is that I very frequently use them myself and find them helpful. I never get any redirects from them when I view them.