Monday, May 25, 2015

Local election results for Valle Gran Rey 2015

All votes for the local government of Valle Gran Rey have now been counted and as you can see from the results below there was a major shift in voting patterns, but none of the elected parties will have a majority and forming a new local government will not be easy. 

More election results soon !

Votes counted:100 %
 Total of Councillors elected:11
Turnout:214068.39 %
Abstentions:98931.61 %
Spoiled votes:442.06 %
 Blank votes:140.67 %
VOTes per party iN VALLE GRAN REY
PartyCouncillorsVotes           % 
CCa-PNC (Can. Moderate Nationalist Pact)460929.06 %
ASG (New Party of former PSOE member and Gomera President C. Curbelo)348423.09 %
PSOE (Span. Labour Party)240419.27 %
SSP (New party literally 'Yes We Can')234116.27 %
PP (Party of present Spanish Government/Rajoy,
Won 4 seats in last Local elections)
01416.73 %
('New Canaries')
01034.91 %
Above adapted from El Pais original in Spanish

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