Monday, September 29, 2014

Old road into Valle Gran Rey to be opened again

The present road leading down to the tunnel of Yorima and on to Valle Gran Rey
Entrance to tunnel near Arure
There is only one road leading in and out of Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera. This road is more like a twisted, winding mountain pass as it starts a height of about 3000 feet and then winds down to sea level along a rockface in the steep ravine that is upper Valle Gran Rey. In the nineties two long tunnels were driven through the rock to shorten the journey and make it much safer. The old road was skirting this rocky outcrop, hanging precariously over the abyss below. While this narrow, twisted strech offered spectacular views it was also prone to rockfalls and accidents and the tunnels made it much safer and shortened the road by half. However, the tunnels are a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists as they are not illuminated and the footpath is very narrow.
The island's government recently decided to reopen the abandoned old road around the lower tunnel (625 metres) for cyclists, pedestrians and tourists who want to enjoy the breathtaking views. It will also provide an alternative route in case of an accident in the tunnel as this road is the vital artery that feeds Valle Gran Rey. Work on the old road of 1,3 kms around the tunnel of Yorima has already begun and the whole project will cost an estimated 120.000 Euros.
Work in progess on the old road (This image:

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Dave Allen said...

I remember 'driving' down the old road on my first visit to Valle Gran Rey not the sort of thing you forget! Looking forward to repeating the experience 'on foot' next Jan/Feb.
keep on blogging Willie.
best wishes
Dave Allen