Wednesday, September 24, 2014

La Gomera's wines receive boost

The 'Tenerife News' recently reported the following:

A toast to La Gomera wine

La Gomera wants to become better known for its wine.
The island’s Cabildo has signed an agreement with the local Wine Board which will cover special promotions, incentives, events, training and job creation. The aim is to increase demand, both on the island and throughout the Canaries, for La Gomera wine.
It is also hoped to encourage more farmers to take up wine cultivation, both for their own livelihoods and to protect and enhance La Gomera’s agricultural land-scape.
The bodega managed by the Cabildo has also launched a “Vintage 2014″ campaign. Grapes are said to be in good condition and a bigger than expected yield is expected of at least 40,000 kilos.

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