Saturday, May 17, 2014

New warning as plague of stinging jellyfish continues

The administration of Valle Gran Rey have re-issued their warning and have stated that coastal waters in the south-west continue to be infested with stinging/burning Portuguese Man o'Wars. See my previous report for further details and advice. Large numbers of the organisms have been sighted again and several swimmers were stung. The authorities are also appealing to the public to spread the word and caution tourists and visitors who may be unaware of the possible danger. They are stating that swimming is not advisable.
Due varying local and tidal conditions the danger is only present intermittently and swimmers should be extremely vigilant once in the sea as the P.M.o'W.'s tentacles underwater may not be spotted until it is too late. 
Portuguese Man o'Wars, called aguasvivas in Spanish (= living waters) can occur anywhere in the World's oceans and as they have no means of propulsion they are moved by currents and wind, etc., at times accumulating in great numbers in random areas. There are no safe areas anywhere in the global seas. Local fishermen say that this spring has been the worst for many years and normally you would not encounter them that much here.
Portuguese Man o' War (Image source. Ayuntamiento Valle Gran Rey)

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