Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spectacular Rockfall and Landslide: New Images

There was a large rockfall and landslide from the top of Teguerguenche mountain towering over Valle Gran Rey yesterday. Around lunchtime there was a loud noise to be heard and huge boulders and thousands of tons of loose ochre-coloured material were seen tumbling down towards the harbour village of Vueltas. No harm was done as there are no houses in the area where falling rocks and debris normally come to rest, and the area below the cliff is respectfully avoided. However, it did happen some years ago that a few small stones were thrown into the open doors of a bar during a similar incident - again without doing any harm. Yesterday's rockfall just left a huge cloud of dust which lingered for a good while.
Rockfall and landslide in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera
A close-up of a close shave for Vueltas village in VGR
Ten minutes later dust still rose while on the right of the plume some material continued to tumble down

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