Friday, April 25, 2014

New vegetarian and vegan restaurant in pensioner's social club open to all and recommended to all

Even though a good few restaurants on La Gomera offer vegetarian options there hasn't been a purely vegetarian and vegan restaurant since 'La Salsa' in Valle Gran Rey changed hands a couple of years ago. In San Sebastian de La Gomera, however, a new restaurant offering exclusively vegan and vegetarian food recently opened in what must be most unlikely location. It is in the pensioners and old folks social club right in the very centre behind the smaller square which is under the huge shady trees (see map). This location has the added bonus of being a green oasis in a courtyard with nothing but birdsong and pensioners playing dominoes and cards to disturb your dining experience. The local lady who runs the place and does the cooking is a vegetarian herself and takes pride in the fact that all
Vegan seitan stew
the food is home-made. She even makes her own seitan and spelt-pasta, etc.. The extensive menue boast 29 dishes from vegetarian burgers to salads, pasta dishes, vegan stews, stuffed peppers, and lots more. Even 'carnivores' who have eaten there because of the beautiful location did not miss their accustomed ration of meat because the lovingly prepared veggie food was so filling and absolutely delicious. Prices are very reasonable ranging from 5 to 8 Euros for a very satisfying dish.

The entrance is on the left of the red doors

Menu (click)
Entrance  off the little lane behind the shady plaza


Vegan Wanderlust said...

Can I share your food picture on my website ( I will give you full credit, of course.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Willie 'Curry' said...

You're welcome to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hello Willie - does the restaurant have a name? address? Thanks a lot from 2 longterm vegans about to visit La Gomera

La Gomera said...

I'm not so sure if it is still open. I'll check it out when I get there...