Saturday, September 21, 2013

Work begins on La Gomera set for Ron Howard movie

All obstacles seem to have been overcome and advance teams for the filming of key scenes of the new Ron Howard production 'In the Heart of the Sea' have arrived on La Gomera, according to local media. It is reported that they're staying in La Gomera's largest hotel 'Jardin Tecina' and have begun work at the nearby secluded beach 'Playa de Tapahuga' with preparatory work for the construction of a large water tank which will be used for filming scenes in case of adverse weather conditions at sea. The mayor of the area is quoted as saying that most of the filming on La Gomera will be done at sea in November. A pool of local tradesmen and labourers is available to assist in all aspects of set construction.
Meanwhile at Warner Brothers' studios in Essex shooting 'In the Heart of the Sea' is in full swing day and night as the following pictures tweeted by Ron Howard prove. Ron doesn't seem to get much sleep at all these days as he's jetting around the globe promoting the release of his F1 movie 'Rush' during time off directing his latest project.
+++Click:Progress on La Gomera film set for Ron Howard movie
+++Update - click: 'Essex' arrived here
+UPDATE:Ron Howard's Heart of the Sea getting ready to roll on location La Gomera. Latest images of preps + props ++

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