Monday, September 02, 2013

SKYPAR Festival of Paragliding on La Gomera

Part of Hermigua

The fifth edition of SKYPAR is taking place in Hermigua in La Gomera's north from the 6th to the 8th of September 2013. The event is integrated into the town's week-long fiesta and close to 100 paragliders will participate this year, setting a new record for SKYPAR. The spectacle is open to the public and those wanting to try a flight on a double-glider with an experienced pilot can book a place during  Saturday, Sep.7th, all day from 10am to 6pm. La Gomera's mountainous terrain and deep valleys offer ideal conditions for paragliders and spectacular views from the air.
The fiesta itself will offer the usual mix of religious, sport and entertainment events with plenty of all night salsa dancing over the paragliding weekend.


Amanda said...

Hello, Willie. My name is Amanda. My family and I are looking at La Gomera as a future home. I have some questions about schools (my kids are 4 and 6), activities for kids (music/dance/soccer classes, etc). Do you know where I could find out more about those aspects of the island? Thank you!

Willie said...

The education system on La Gomera is just the standard Spanish system. To find out more you could look it up on Wikipwedia or here:
Other aspects of life are also dealt with on the latter website. All municipal areas have music schools, soccer and other sports, arts classes, etc. available for kids. I hope this information was helpful.