Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mother of two killed by minor rockfall on La Gomera

A 30-year-old mother  was killed early this morning by a few rocks that fell from an overhang under which she was sleeping with her two youngest children. The rocks fell only a few feet but directly on top of her and the emergency services found her dead when they arrived on the scene. On of her children received minor injuries while the other escaped unharmed. The victim was of German nationality.
The incident took place in an area that is locally known as 'Playa de las Arenas', but better known as 'Schweinebucht' which is German for 'Bay of Pigs'. Access to the area is extremely difficult to gain, particularly at high tide. It has been a popular place with hippies since the 60's and the caves in the bay  house a hippy encampment to this day.
UPDATE 17-02-13: The initial press reports contained some errors: The victim wasn't 30, but in her late thirties and she has at least two more children at home in Germany. She was a regular visitor to La Gomera and had spent some time at the scene of the accident when she was about 19. She was well known and liked locally.
In the red oval the location where the mother of two was killed in her sleep. The fallen rocks can be clearly seen, as can the gaps they left in the rockface (whitish colour).    Photo ©

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