Monday, February 11, 2013

Five crew die on cruise ship 'Thomson Majesty'

During a routine emergency-training exercise aboard the cruise ship 'Majesty', which is visiting the port of Santa Cruz on the neighbouring island of La Palma, five crew members have lost their lives on Sunday, Feb. 10th 2013. A further three crew were injured.
The life-boat fell from a great hight after one of warps parted as the boat was being launched from the davits and the second warp then broke as well due to the heavily swinging weight. The boat crashed into the harbour causing the death of four crew initially and a fifth died a while later after having been rescued by the local life boat which also managed to save the lives of the remaining three crew.
The 'Thomson Majesty' had arrived from Gran Canaria the same morning at 8am with about 1500 mostly British passengers (plus about 500 crew) and was due to proceed to the island of Madeira later that same day. She will have to remain in the port of Santa Cruz on La Palma until the investigations are concluded.
Since the sinking of the 'Costa Concordia' in Italy all cruise ships are carrying out emergency drills in every port they visit.
UPDATE 25-02-13: The 'Majesty' is now back to 'business a usual' after extensive safety checks. 
The life-boat that crashed can be seen capsized on the right (white keel, in front of open hatch) Photo © Marcos J. Rodríguez /
...and here's a BBC news video with more details:

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