Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Police have now released the passport photograph (above, click image to enlarge) of the missing British citizen (see my last post British Citizen Missing On La Gomera) and are asking for the picture to be widely distributed through social networks. There is still no trace of R.M.L. and the investigation has shown that he did not leave the island by ferry or by scheduled flight.
UPDATE 1: The missing man's full name has become known, it is Richard Michael Lee
Update 2: The 'Daily Mail' (online edition) has written about the case: . This article  takes most of the information from the Canary Islands daily 'La Opinion', but their theory that the man may have become stuck in a ravine while hiking in the National Park contradicts the locally-reported fact that he left his hiking gear in his hotel room. Also, the national park is more than ten miles away from his hotel.

24-10-12:   Police on La Gomera are still looking for clues...

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