Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Another Rescue Operation

On La Gomera every now and then we witness helicopters coming to the rescue of hill walkers and tourists who just seem unable to stick to our mostly well defined paths

While most hiking trails and walks on La Gomera are easy and can be enjoyed by almost anybody with two functioning legs, there are some tracks that should be left to the adventure-seeking specialists. Especially near cliffs one should heed the signs and stick to the defined route, rather than follow a barely visible goat-track, no matter how enticing the view at the dubious end may be. 
On Sunday it happened again that the rescue helicopter from neighbouring El Hierro island had to come to La Gomera and risk flying into a gorge in the mountain 'Teguerguenche' east of my house to set down a crew member, then circling in wait, and finally picking up the injured and crew again. But beware, the rules have changed this year. Now this service can cost you a lot of money, if it was needed because of irresponsible or reckless action by you.

However, it is reassuring to know that efficient help does arrive very fast when needed.

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