Sunday, January 14, 2018

The average tourist...

Tourists enjoying the views at the 'Mirador de Abrante' above Agulo with Tenerife in the background

...stayed 11 days on La Gomera in 2017 and spent about 1.650 Euros on the island during that time. That's according to the latest statistics released by the island's government. The spending per visitor is up by 3% on the previous year and the spending averages 150 Euros per day, a figure which includes the cost of accommodation. The total number of tourists who stayed on La Gomera in 2017 was close to 700.000 which is quite impressive for an island with a population of only 20.000 and without direct flights from the European continent. My personal observation is that a lot more visitors now hire a car for the complete duration of their stay, and not just for a few days during their holidays here as they did only a few years ago.

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