Thursday, November 09, 2017

New roundabout at Apartacaminos fit for UFOs

The new roundabout at Apartacaminos in La Gomera's national park, where the main road west (GM-2) from the islands capital ends and joins the GM-1 to Valle Gran Rey (left) and Vallehermoso (right). Gone is the old junction with the green traffic island and a new two-lane roundabout has been built. I would have preferred a one-lane roundabout with a green area in the middle, as was built in Pajaritos. Maybe the three road signs in the white traffic island are removable to create the perfect secret landing area for UFOs at night ? Some here swear they've seen them trying to land...

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mooiweervandaag said...

Amazing. Must have been built between 5/4/17 and 4/10/17 in the middle of a night. Quite nice, but where are the bus stops now? Before the roundabout had been built it wasn't clear where the bus would to stop (number 1 and 4). However you could at lest guess where the bus could stop because of he limited possiblities. For the bus number 4 to Vallehermoso you still can guess where it will stop now. However, it is difficult to guess something like a possible bus stop for line number 1 to Valle Gran Rey: before/on the roundabout?
During the last 10-15 years roundabouts have been built in amazing numbers in very short times even in the middle of nowhere all over Europe except at the UK (UK already had them in great numbers). However, in many cases there seems to be NO planning at all for a new roundabout.