Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Super-fast internet coming to La Gomera soon

The majority of internet users in La Gomera will have access to high-speed internet by the end of 2017. The communications company Telefonica is already in the process of installing fibre-optic cables which will bring internet speeds of up to a whopping 300 Mbps to households, giving La Gomera the fastest internet connectivity available in the world. First to benefit will be four of the six municipal areas. Valle Gran Rey will be almost completely covered with close to 3.400 connections to benefit, followed by Vallehermoso, Alajero and San Sebastian de La Gomera with well over 1.000 high-speed connections each. By the end of the coming year 57% of all connections in La Gomera will have been linked with the super-fast fibre-optic network with the rest of the island to follow later.
Afraid my ageing hardware won't be able to keep pace, though...


Anonymous said...

A bit more of useful information would be nice. Which company will be offering this? Where comes the info from? Is there any possibility to make orders upfront?


La Gomera said...

Sorry, but I don't get your point. What's 'upfront' in this context, and 'orders' for what ?
The information comes from reliable press contacts and the media, by the way. The telecommunications infrastructure companies can be seen working on the ground.
However, I'm not an expert. Please contact your 'phone company for further details...

James Keyworth said...


Was just wondering if there's been any update on this. Are the updates still scheduled to be in place by the end of 2017?



La Gomera said...

There hasn't been any official announcements, but most of
the infrastructure is now in place and work is continuing
as planned.

Simon Barton said...

Hi. Sounds good. I overwinter in Vallehermoso, and will need internet again, but my landlord isn't keen on Telefonica. Does anyone know which other providers operate there, and which are recommended ?
Many thanks, Simon.

La Gomera said...

We use Orange and they also offer packages for users like me that
are not in the Canaries full time. Cheaper than Telefonica, too.
But other companies might be worth checking out, you'll
find them on the web. The other option is to get a broadband
USB modem for the duration of your stay which then can be used
anywhere, as long as there is mobile phone cover in the area.