Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Stingray still meets kids despite nasty injury

This large stingray, locally given the pet name 'Sebastian' or 'Chano' (the latter being a diminutive of the former) has been a regular visitor to the steps in the fishing port of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera for several years now. He turns up to be fed and fondled by the kids who sometimes turn up in great numbers and feed him fish supplied by the local fishermen returning to harbour. It is an amazing spectacle to watch huge 'Chano', who's said to weigh about 300 pounds, and sometimes brings smaller but much more shy relations with him. At times he almost 'climbs' up a couple of steps out of the water to be fed and fondled. 
Some time ago he sustained severe injuries in the harbour, and a deep gash remains in his front, clearly seen in this very recent video, even though the wounds have healed very well (Click to see videos taken before the injuries). 
Despite all that he seems to come even more often, and despite the fact that agents for the department for the environment came and prohibited the feeding of stingrays, the kids still gather and slip him a few tasty fresh mackerel. 
He now even comes some evenings and when he's not hungry just to be petted by the kids who call him by striking the water surface with their hands, as happened in this video.

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