Wednesday, October 26, 2016

First rain after the long dry summer

Image taken around 9am this morning after a heavy shower
This morning Valle Gran Rey had the first good showers of rain after the long dry summer season. During the last couple of days the present weather situation (see 'Weathe News on top left of home page) had only brought a few lighter showers here. Now as I write a band of heavy thunderstorms is approaching from the south, thunder can be heard in the distance and the sky is very grey, promising more badly needed rain. Of course, if you're holidaying in the Canaries you don't want rain, but you can have your morning shower now without feeling guilty.
The outlook is for the weather to improve gradually and by the weekend it should be mostly fine.
A note of caution: As always after rain there is an increased risk of rockfalls and minor landslides, especially after a long dry spell. If you must drive please be very cautious on the roads in mountainous areas. Anyway, walking and hiking is not recommended today.
Even when the sun is shining again after the rain the risk is still there as the sun will heat any wet and unstable rocks and soil which then will expand and could come tumbling down.

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