Saturday, September 03, 2016

Passenger terminal nearing completion

Image taken a couple of weeks ago by H.P.
The new passenger terminal in the port of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey is nearing completion and the facility should be officially opened just in time for the busy winter season. 
All that's missing now is some solid news regarding the reopening of the sorely missed ferry connection...


Anonymous said...

An ugly looking breeze-block box. Thanks, architect!

Ut på tur said...

Is there any news when the ferry starts ?

La Gomera said...

if there's any news I will report it on this blog immediately.

Diparosi said...

I had the great pleasure of spending 3 weeks in VGR in October.
It's been a couple of years since my last visit & I was extremely pleased to see this structure had appeared in the interim.
Of course I could only inspect it from the outside & it seemed ready to go; the offices only lacked office equipment, there were even extictors installed in the public area. It did amuse me, however that the WC windows were clear glass - I have photos of wash-basins, urinals & toilet bowls all taken from outside! I don't see THAT being a popular feature!
'Anonymous', (above), calls it 'An ugly looking breeze-block box'! Poppycock! It's a well-proportioned, elegant structure that fits into the locale. I doubt 'Anonymous' has actually physically seen the building. He/she certainly has no real concept of what a breeze-block actually is!
So it's made of concrete! So what? Given its' purpose & location that's eminently practical. It's better-looking than some of the 50's/60's piles scattered around VGR - particularly those overlooking the beaches at La Playa & Vueltas. Thank you, architect.
I do hope it comes into service soon - I miss the old Benchi & Garajonay Expres-es! (Sorry, I don't know the plural of 'expres'.)
If you want to check my qualifications for the above observations, just ask the staff in the Laurisilva, Borbalan, if and how they know me,
Bill Carey.