Thursday, April 14, 2016

Casa La Familia closed down

For four years 'Casa La Familia' had been La Gomera's best and most popular music venue, meeting point and social club for residents and visitors alike. Their regular live music events, flea markets, and parties were always well attended and many visiting musicians and artists found a great welcome and an open stage. Casa La Familia also had a very important role to play when it came to feeding the poor as well as giving shelter and showers to homeless people, and serving to break down barriers by just providing a peaceful and relaxed space where all were welcome.
Some people in La Gomera were critical, some were jealous that live music and drinks could be enjoyed without a licence, and some just wanted the place shut down as it was just too much of 'the free spirit' for them. Most of the population here just 'lived and let live' and many enjoyed the facilities and events under the peace banner themselves and it even became a new tourist attraction for Valle Gran Rey.
In the end Vera, the lady who initiated the idea and rented the former car hire facilities, could not get the lease renewed after same had expired earlier this year. However, the local owners, who always had been supportive of her ideas, let her continue until this month without charge to finish the season. Now Vera wants to move on and a few days ago all the decorations and facilities were taken down by her and an army of volunteers, all to be scrapped. Even the kitchen and the stage were dismantled and the place is back to how she found it. Bye bye Casa La Familia !
Rumour has it that the owners now want to remodel the property into a proper bar and music venue which is supposedly to be opened there later this year.
A big thank you to valiant Vera for four years of great events, and for her caring, unpaid social services. Vera has made Valle Gran Rey a better place.
Full house at a singer/songwriter night        (Images: Casa La Familia)

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