Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bar Casa Maria still closed and for sale

For Sale: Casa Maria
Interested ? The numbers are: 659444653 (mobile)
and 922805955 (landline). Prefix for Spain: 0034
The landmark 'Casa Maria' bar and restaurant with rooms to let remains closed after Maria's death in April of this year. There had been rumours that it had been sold, but recently new 'Se Vende' (For Sale) signs appeared on the facade of the substantial building at the beach in La Playa in Valle Gran Rey, fondly called 'Playa Maria' in her honour by many.
The legendary meeting point also known as 'Bar Las Jornadas' always pulled in large crowds year after year since the 1960s when young Americans avoiding the Vietnam war, world-travellers, hippies, artists and intellectuals began to gather on La Gomera and met up to watch the sunset in Valle Gran Rey. It is hoped that Maria's large family who inherited her estate will soon agree on a plan of action that will lead to the reopening of this formerly thriving business one way or another, but some overdue refurbishment may cause further delays. Let's only hope they will keep the huge old wooden chilling cabinet that formed the centrepiece behind the bar, and that the nightly live music will return.

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3down said...

Thats a real shame.
I'm sure Pepe has something up his sleeve.