Monday, July 13, 2015

Small world !

Skazz in full swing at the TLC festival near Macroom
I was at the phantastic TLC festival in Co.Cork over the weekend and unbelievably bumped into more than 20 people who all had a connection with La Gomera and whom I had met there. Add to that the atmosphere which had a 'Gomeran feel' to it and the band Skazz which has been performing regularly over the past years on La Gomera and it was like a little bit of Gomera in Ireland. If only the weather would have been Gomeran ! Skazz's current bass player is Will who is a resident of Vallehermoso on La Gomera and touring with the band here over the   coming weeks. Another excellent band I met at the festival is called Heavy Billy and George, their drummer, also is a regular visitor to La Gomera. He last played there in Valle Gran Rey with another great band called Coaltraan. 
Heavy Billy gave it all during their set on another stage in a beautiful location in the woods.

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Meryl said...

Aw man! Where have you been I've really missed your posts. :)